Prayers For a Growing Boy

Last night, like many nights, my ten month old son refused to sleep anywhere but my arms. I tried holding him as he tossed and turned, unable to drift off to sleep. I am not very familiar with restlessness, as I’ve always fallen asleep easily. However, my son received this restless trait from my husband and grandfather. He takes forever to fall asleep and sleeps lightly. Some days, I enjoy the extra time and snuggles. Other days, like last night, I did not. I did not want him to cling to my body, searching for comfort. I was selfish & wanted to have a relaxing evening. I was frustrated and let him cry for a few minutes, walking out of the room and crying to my husband. On days like this, even dad couldn’t jump in to help. Baby was in a mom mood.

So, on days like yesterday, I pull out this prayer & read it to him. As soon as I do, his body relaxes and he drifts off to sleep in minutes.

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Husbands, Love Your Wives




In Ephesians 5:22-23 the Apostle Paul is outlining several different things to the new believers in Ephesus.  Reading of the previous verses will reveal a fatherly approach to the Christian life.  Paul discusses where the Ephesians came from, the importance of unity, and in this section he is moving into family life.  

The passage also includes a beautiful image of Christ as the head of the church, and speaks of how Christ loved the church so much that he sacrificed himself for her.  The Apostle Paul uses the model of Christ loving his church as a model on how husbands and wives should live out their faith.  As Christ poured himself out for the church, husbands and wives should pour themselves out to each other in mutual submission and love.  In his book Jesus the Bridegroom Dr. Brant Pitre states, “In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul not only describes the sacrificial death of Christ for the Church in terms of a husband’s love for his wife: he also explicitly describes the love between Christ and the church as a great mystery.”

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This Is My Story, This Is His Story

Hey there. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jessica. I started writing this article a few months ago not knowing what I was writing it for, and as I revisited it to finish it for “His Endless Love” I felt like God whisper to me Erase what you wrote and give Me the blank page. So I copied all that I had typed out, pressed delete, and now I start fresh.

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