God Works All Things

When we pray, we tend to pray for things we want and even things we think we need rather than for God’s will to be done in our lives.  But eventually, this ends up hurting us more than it helps.  

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When The Seasons Change

Fall. For me, this is a season of change. My clothes get longer. My hair and nails get darker. Afternoons on the boat make room for afternoons in the backyard. Summer flavors and scents get put away and make room for autumn leaves and pumpkin everything! This year Charlie starts school, and our closest neighbors move away. In the Fall, everything seems to change. I am sure you feel it too.

I am so thankful though that one thing never changes. God’s love. Even when everything is transitioning, and changing His love is still unshakeable. It is there unconditional, and not based on our changing lives.

I was thinking the other day about why Jesus would choose the cross? And there is one truth that I came down to, because honestly nothing else makes sense. John 3:16. For love. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believed in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Everlasting life, just like His everlasting love.

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Prayers For a Growing Boy

Last night, like many nights, my ten month old son refused to sleep anywhere but my arms. I tried holding him as he tossed and turned, unable to drift off to sleep. I am not very familiar with restlessness, as I’ve always fallen asleep easily. However, my son received this restless trait from my husband and grandfather. He takes forever to fall asleep and sleeps lightly. Some days, I enjoy the extra time and snuggles. Other days, like last night, I did not. I did not want him to cling to my body, searching for comfort. I was selfish & wanted to have a relaxing evening. I was frustrated and let him cry for a few minutes, walking out of the room and crying to my husband. On days like this, even dad couldn’t jump in to help. Baby was in a mom mood.

So, on days like yesterday, I pull out this prayer & read it to him. As soon as I do, his body relaxes and he drifts off to sleep in minutes.

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