Hello Again!

We’re back!

What a wild ride it’s been.

This blog started years ago as a little personal Christian blog & has transformed into this wonderful community. We are all so blessed to have such wonderful followers like you.

So, what’s going on?

Alright. In 2015/2016, I (Samantha, the founder of this website) decided that it would benefit us all if we switched to a self-hosted website instead of leeching off of a website like WordPress. My intentions, however, were not Godly. My top priority became about making money from the website – sponsors, ads, & lots of content meant to boost other companies.

After the birth of my son in October, I started focusing my attention on the things that needed it the most.

  1. My Lord & Savior
  2. My Family

Everything else didn’t matter & I started to realize that not only was I stretching myself thin, I wasn’t putting 100% into all of my projects. I wanted to cut back, focus on what I enjoyed & what was important. That meant that my self-hosted website for His Endless Love was the first thing to go. It didn’t bring be joy & I’m pretty sure it didn’t bring a lot of you joy.

From then on, I wasn’t sure what would happen to His Endless Love. Should it be just forgotten? Should it be on the back burner until I can focus more time on it?

Well after lots of prayer & counsel, it’s obvious that the decision to keep and re-launch His Endless Love (yes, for the 2nd time). This time, I have started off with the right intentions & a wonderful team.

What is His Endless Love about now?

Pretty much the same as before but with a few twists & this will be described in the “about” page as well.

The most important difference will be this website will be 100% ad-free. That’s right. No sidebar ads, popups, or sponsored posts. We might share our favorite brands or books occasionally, but it will not be an advertisement. Because this is ad-free, you’ll have to excuse our totally-not-personal domain. Remember guys, it’s the content that counts, not whether or not we pay for a domain or not.

In addition to our awesome ad-free space, all of our resources will be free. Any bible studies, printables, online webinars…all free for you. Great right? Well it gets even better…take a look at our new mission:


mission (1)

We are all so excited about the new direction His Endless Love is taking & we’d love to hear your thoughts! Is there something you hope we’ll touch base on? Comments about our new design or mission? Let us know in the comments below!

with love,
Samantha <3


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